Couple's son helps heal family's broken heart

One Huntsville couple felt an incredible magic on their trip to Disney World earlier this month -- and it wasn't because of the fireworks or loveable characters.
Taylor Fisher shared the profound moment she and her family experienced thanks to a couple of strangers on Facebook.
Taylor writes that she, her husband Chris and their young son Oliver finished having dinner at EPCOT's World Showcase in Norway, and decided to travel the various countries to take photos. They eventually made their way to France.
"While in France, a sweet couple stopped to take our picture in front of the Eiffel Tower," Taylor wrote. "They were very patient as Oliver did not cooperate during the picture taking and finally got a decent one. We said 'thank you' and went on our way."
But the couple came back in tears. The man introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally, and assured them they weren't "creepy." 
"Through broken tears, he went on to tell us they had four beautiful children, 3 of whom were in the park with their grandparents, while the fourth was spending his first birthday in heaven."
Baby Duke had passed away just a few months before, and that day, July 1, was his birthday.
Sally and Scott were so overwhelmed with how much Oliver reminded them of their sweet Duke.
"They asked to take him to Mouse Gear's on a shopping spree for baby Duke's first birthday. As a parent, and looking back on the moment, you would never think to just give your child over to perfect strangers, but in that moment I was so overwhelmed with peace, a peace that only God can provide, that I handed my little boy over and watched as he held the hands of these two people whom my heart suddenly felt so connected with. Chris and I, of course, followed behind."
Taylor and Chris watched as Sally and Scott took their son through the store collecting the toys Oliver wanted.
They witnessed sorrow become hope, and pain fade into healing.
"After they bought him way too many toys, we all stopped in the middle of the store. We held each other and we prayed."
As they went to part ways, Sally told the Fishers that she prayed for closure.
"Y'all. This is God. He is so real. Only he can put the right people in the right place at the right time so he can heal a broken heart. He designed it this way. Had we stopped in one more shop, taken one more picture, went a different direction, watched the parade a little longer, we would have missed it. But we didn't because God was in control. And that, my friends, makes life a whole lot more meaningful."
It was a magical moment that has impacted both families for the rest of their lives.
People across the country have also felt touched by Taylor's Facebook post, commenting, liking and sharing the post thousands of times.
Taylor and Sally still keep in touch to this day.
See the full Facebook post below: 
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