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Pakistan's national carrier says one of its planes missing after takeoff

  • Saudi-Iran rivalries

    Saudi Arabia (CIA World Factbook)
    Saudi Arabia (CIA World Factbook)
  • Fidel Castro has died at age 90

  • Hurricane Otto makes landfall in Nicaragua

  • Tsunami warning issued after quake off Fukushima

  • Italian Coast Guard rescues migrant children at sea

  • Italians throw party to welcome migrants in Milan

  • DRONE VIDEO reveals destruction after powerful quake shakes Italy

  • Romania: US man hospitalized after bear attack

  • Former president of Uruguay Jorge Batlle dies at age of 88

  • Russian delegates request to monitor U.S. polling locations

  • Mexico's Colima volcano erupts, 3 hamlets evacuated

  • 62-year-old woman gives birth

  • Bermuda braces for direct hit from 'Nicole,' a Cat 2 storm

  • 2 missiles fired in direction of American destroyer

  • More than 800 reported dead in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

  • Hurricane death toll jumps sharply in hard-hit Haiti

  • Haiti death toll jumps as receding waters reveal more bodies

  • Hurricane warning area expanded for south Florida

  • UK's offensive language report

  • Israel mourns as preparations begin for Peres' funeral

  • Pres. Obama praises Peres for advancing dignity, goodwill

  • India's prime minister says Pakistan a haven for terrorism

  • Docs to operate on boy born with 31 fingers, toes

  • 4 white lions, 3 white tigers born in zoo in Poland

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    Bayer signs deal to acquire Monsanto for $66B

  • Former Prime Minister of Israel Peres hospitalized after stroke

  • Cruise ship barely misses marina, but 'mini-tsunami' causes millions in damage

  • US Coast Guard ends search for woman overboard in Bahamas

  • Seoul: North Korea's 5th nuke test 'fanatic recklessness'

  • Houston-based trade mission to Cuba in September

  • US Coast Guard searches for cruise ship passenger in Bahamas

  • First-ever face transplant patient dies at age 49

  • Nigeria's urgent polio vaccination drive targets 25 million

  • EU foreign ministers seek unity on relations with Turkey