Ten-minute stress-releasing mind exercises

- What if you could enhance your mental and physical well-being by spending only ten minutes of quiet time each day? FOX 26 News has teamed up with the Heights of Health in Houston to show you simple methods to reduce stress. While clients there learn to perfect the techniques, they were generous in sharing how you can do the techniques in the comfort of your home or office.

Heather Goodwin, director of the Holistic Behavior Division at Heights of Health, shares some ideas that you can try, starting with a high-tech device called Alpha Stim. She explains that it helps stimulate the calming alpha brain cells and is based on cranial electro-therapy stimulation. The clinic rents them to clients, while some patients prefer to buy their own. 

Goodwin describes the process in great detail:

You start by putting your Alpha Stim on. It's like a trigger - it's my physical trigger to say - this is my me time to get relaxed, destress ands get healthy. Some people use essential oils. It's very individualized, not everyone has the same routine or uses the same tools. If you use essential oil, like 'Peace and Quiet,' you can put it on a few stress points. My favorites are the neurovascular points:  above the eyebrows, between eyebrows and hairline, then gently close your eyes. Start with your intention or mantra. A universal one is, 'I am abundant in all aspects of my life,' while gently pressing on those neurovascular points. It's a way to stimulate the programming of that affirmation into the conscious mind and then after time, into the subconscious mind.  Say that a few times and let it sink in.

Then, I usually have clients sit in the same spot.  I have clients do belly breathing. That's in through the nose, belly inflates, hold it for a moment, and then out through the mouth. Do belly breathing a few minutes, we're not timing this, something you naturally move through. Move belly breathing into the heart for heart breathing. Go into the quick coherence technique, which is first focus on the heart, touch the heart to stimulate those oxytocin receptors, then we begin to imagine that the air is going in and out, so you feel that cool air on inhale and warm air going out on exhale. 

Then, we move to a powerful part.  We go into that heart-feeling. We move into and use our mantra - and go into that memory - always stick with that same thing - something we're grateful for, something that brought us love. We amplify that feeling and stay with it about a minute. 

Then, we move our attention away from the heart and come back in and notice where we're sitting, be present and begin to breathe normally. Letting our thoughts go, they will come, that's their job, but when they do come, we just let them go. I like to put mine on a cloud and send it away and just breathe."

Goodwin also says that if you do this ten minutes each day, research shows it can make a positive life-changing impact. For more information, visit  http://heightsofhealth.com/.

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