Dog rescued from death, adopted by Astros pitcher Keuchel

Do you believe in fate? One dog who was near death on the side of a road is now headed home with a Houston sports celebrity.

The beautiful black Labrador was within a few breaths from dying. Several pretty miraculous things had to happen for her to survive.  Now the puppy is about to live the posh life with Houston Astros starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

Have you ever endured a crushing blow only to be led to the greatest blessing of your life? That's what's happening with Holly. 

"I heard a noise on the side of the street and I went over and saw she was laying there by herself with no owners," explains Abby Frizzel, who soon realized the dog laying there by a bush couldn't walk and was likely struck by a vehicle. "So I was going to try to help her not get hit by a car.”

"She was making a panting sound and she was kind of crying," described Frizzel. 

Although she was running late for work that day, Frizzel brought the dog to a veterinarian. 

"She had a punctured lung, a fractured elbow and a broken back leg," added Frizzel. Right there, she made a promise. "I told her, 'If you make it through this, you will never suffer again and you will have the best life.'"

Then the veterinarian revealed the dog, estimated to be just two years old, would be immediately put to death because surgery would cost more than $10,000. 

"I kind of laughed but there was no doubt in my mind that I wasn't going to raise the money," said Frizzel. And she did.

After posting the puppy's story on a GoFundMe page, Frizzel raised $7,500. Then, her friend Keuchel, picked up the rest of the tab and is adopting Holly who got her name, by the way, "because, you know, she was found by a holly bush, so now it's kind of funny 'cause I joke with her that she's going to Hollywood,” said Frizzel with a laugh.

"It was 100 percent by God's plan,” said Frizzel. 

Holly is expected to get her casts off in a couple of weeks and her doctor says she will be 100 percent healthy.