Women seen smoking marijuana in front of child

It starts off with just one woman breathing out and inhaling smoke. Then it goes to another woman who is holding a small child. On that same Snapchat thread you can see piles of pot.

Officials with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws gave us their thoughts about the video.

"It's actually a civil rights issue as well. She can make the choice to do whatever she wants in front of her child as long as it is legal and it's not lethal. Cannabis is not lethal so it didn't hurt the child you know, well know it's not legal, you know, and we all understand that but it needs to be legal in Texas because it is not a drug," says executive director LaTonya Whittington.

We took to the streets to see what others thought about the women that appear to be smoking marijuana in front of the child.

Hallie Patterson says, "honestly I don't think that's really appropriate. First of all if you're going to smoke it that's your decision but like you shouldn't ever bring a family member into it or like posted on the internet."

"It's still illegal here in Texas unfortunately there are other states that have it and that's fine but you have to follow the rules here," says Heather Getz.

"I think it's a criminal act and she should be, she should go to jail for it. It's very sad because that child has no idea what's going on," says Cat Carpenter.