White Lives Matter speaks ahead of Sunday rally

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Ahead of their Sunday rally in Houston, White Lives Matter representative Ken Reed sat with FOX 26 to discuss the group's mission and goals. Joining them was Black Lives Matter spokesman Jerry Ford.

White Lives Matter will hold a rally Sunday, 11 AM-4 PM, outside the Houston NAACP headquarters. Reed says they are protesting the inaction of the NAACP against what he called atrocious actions being taken by some Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Attacks on white officers, the calling for the murder of white officers, the burning down of cities, the stopping of traffic in streets," lists Reed. "A cop or ambulance could be trying to take someone to the hospital where a matter of minutes matters, and [Black Lives Matter protesters] are stopping them from going. The NAACP is not speaking out against this and if you aren't speaking out against it you are, in our eyes, condoning it."

Reed explains White Lives Matter as not an organization, but an open-source activism movement, saying you can be any religion, any organization, and still be part of White Lives Matter.

"We're being told that it's bad to be white. Every other race is encouraged to promote their heritage and culture, but as soon as a white person does it they are labeled as evil or racist," said Reed, who clarified they are not an anti-Black Lives Matter movement. "We expect every race to be proud of who they are. We're out there fighting for our rights just like everyone should."

Jerry Ford, spokesman for the Black Lives Matter movement, said he was intrigued by Reed's movement. "I think this is a good discussion we are having."

Watch our full interview to hear from Reed, and reactions from Ford, as we learn more about White Lives Matter.