Texas Southern University employee fired for 'improprieties related to admissions process'

An employee with Texas Southern University has been fired after an internal auditor confirmed "certain improprieties related to the admissions process within the university based on an internal investigation," a statement from the university reads.

Officials say the findings from the investigation have been delivered by the university to local authorities, and the person is no longer employed by the university. The investigation is ongoing and officials are fully cooperating with investigators.

"As part of the Board’s oversight responsibility, it has launched a full and comprehensive review of the university’s admissions. This includes enrollment, financial aid, scholarship protocols and standards for all University colleges. This process is being conducted using independent auditors, attorneys and outside experts," the statement says. "The University’s academic integrity, trust of students, faculty, alumni and the public at large are of utmost importance. The Board is committed to ensuring all activities at the university are conducted in an ethical and transparent manner in accordance with the University’s mission, vision and values."

TSU officials say they will have no further comment until the investigative process is complete.