Retired Olympic medalist Michael Phelps visits Crystal Lagoon in Humble

Sounds of an acoustic guitar filled the area as guests looked onto a pool that looks as though it belongs as a five-star resort. It's one of a kind and retired Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps says he had to see it for himself.

“For me when I swim nowadays it’s all just for peace of mind. I just want to be able to get into a body of water and to have my own time so for me, to be able to get in this, I could swim for hours and never know how long I’m going and that’s even cooler,” says Michael Phelps.

This is the Balmoral neighborhood's Crystal Lagoon. It's bigger than six Olympic-sized swimming pools. Scott Andreasen, who is the Vice President of Heidt Design says, “ We just think you were going to have a beach at your house and it just doesn’t get any better than this."

Kevin Morgan who is the Executive Vice President of Crystal Lagoons says, “In a typical pool you were not going to be able to stand up and paddle, kayak, sale, jet ski if you so choose to do so it’s giving you the ability to do all types of water activities.”

At the pool's VIP party, Phelps chatted with guests. Although he was greatly impressed by it, he used the opportunity to promote swimming safely. Phelps says, “For me, 10 years ago I started my foundation healthy and active lifestyles for kids but also the importance of water safety. That was the only reason I started swimming. My mom strictly put us in the water for water safety and we fell in love with it.”

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