Proposed concrete plant not sitting well with Aldine neighbors

A public meeting was hosted Thursday evening by political leaders in the East Aldine area for neighbors to address their concerns about a proposal for a new concrete plant.

It was a packed house at the North East Community Center. The proposed location for the new concrete plant is at 4213 Mooney Road, right in the middle of a residential area. Needless to say, the neighbors who attended the meeting were not pleased.

Residents had the opportunity to ask questions, and make comments about Nomadic Aggregates, LLC’s plan to build a new concrete plant in the middle of their neighborhood.

“How will it affect us, health-wise, our roads, drainage of the company, the air quality?” was what Maureen Marriquin wanted to know.

Unfortunately, she didn’t learn much from the meeting.

Ailene Rivas, the owner of the company, was in attendance but didn’t answer questions such as what would be produced at their site, which didn’t sit well with the public. She said her partner, who she declined to name, could not attend the meeting, so she didn’t have the answers to their questions. Rivas did say that her company plans on recycling their wastewater, will keep the streets clean of debris from their trucks, and even plans on community outreach.

Neighbors didn’t seem moved by Rivas’s claims. They cared more about their health and the environment.

“Sad to say but the young lady that’s representing her company has no knowledge of what she is even doing, and I’m only saying that because of the response that, that she’s giving,” said Marriquin.

Dana Jones has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. If approved, the concrete plant will end up right next door to her. 

“Why should we trust what they are saying? And they are coming and with us with presents and bells and whistle’s and things like that, but I don’t trust it," she says.

The permit filed for building the site has not been approved at the moment. Residents are hoping that it gets declined due to the lack of information they received.

“It just raises a red flag to me, that when you see these irregularities going on prior to them even getting the permit what’s going to happen once they get a permit. And when you let them in it’s just going to be hard to get out," says Jones.

Community advocates are urging residents to file a contested case hearing as soon as possible. They can find that information and more about the permit application here.

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