Nursing homes in Galveston under mandatory evacuation orders

The City of Galveston office of Emergency Management has issued a mandatory evacuation for residents living in nursing homes and assisted living centers on the island. 

At Gulf Coast Health it was a long day of packing two weeks worth of supplies into a U-haul the residents were boarded onto two buses.

With Tropical Storm Laura expected to intensify to a category 2 hurricane, those living on Galveston island and along the coast are packing up and heading inland.

The city has issued a voluntary evacuation notice for residents living in low-lying areas, and west of the seawall.

DETAILS: Galveston issues voluntary evacuation order for west end, low-lying areas

“There words were to the effect…there is going to be surge somewhere we just don’t know where until we have confidence in the model,” says Galveston County judge, Mark Henry.

City officials are also working along side nursing homes and assisted living centers to transport residents to safety, mandatory for these facilities. 

At Gulf Coast Health, they will be moving their residents to a sister facility in San Antonio ready to take them in. 


Kimberly Mosteck, the facility administrator says residents have been able to call family members.

She says 58 out of their 63 residents will be goin with them, the rest their families have stepped in to help.

“They’re scare but they are just anxious to get there,” says Mosteck.

Galveston officials also saying if you have special needs or you are medically-dependent on power, now is the time to find a safe place to stay off the island. 

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County Judge Mark Henry, signed Monday a disaster declaration for the county in response to possible impacts from tropical storm Laura.

He says, even a 50 mile shift to the east can make a big difference.

Officials anticipate 3-foot or higher storm surges and winds up to 100 mph.

Judge Henry also anticipates that a voluntary evacuation Order for the Bolivar Peninsula will be put into effect tomorrow morning.

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