Northeast Houston business owners say they're targeted by thieves

Small business owners in Northeast Houston say thieves are robbing them of money, time, and sense of safety repeatedly.

“They’ve been sort of alternating. They got hit a couple of weeks back and we were the week after,” said David Tu, pointing across the street.

Tu owns Lyons Cocina de Chinos at Lyons and Boyles in Denver Harbor. His restaurant has only been open for a year and thieves have already targeted it six times. The first five times, they smashed windows but we not able to get in. The most recent attempt was last week and the thieves did break-in through a side door.

He says they only got a away with a small box with change and small bills. He doesn’t keep a safe at the restaurant. He says it’s the damage they leave behind that hurts the most. It costs thousands to repair.

“Every time they come in, we have to replace the frames that hold the glass in and then the glass,” Tu said pointing at the windows.

“They took a saw saw and just cut right through the fence,” said Jose Ascencio.

Ascencio’s family owns Corona’s Auto Repair across the street from Tu’s restaurant.

Ascencio says they’ve also been burglarized multiple times. He adds the thieves got away with tools, equipment, and even the security cameras.

“Once they got inside they took the whole monitor and everything with the recorder,” he recalled.

Business owners say they’ve all filed police reports.  They hope police will patrol this area more often.

FOX 26 is waiting to hear back from the Houston Police Department burglary and theft division.

Tu says he’s installed more cameras, but he is also asking neighbors to help.

“Call 911 if you see four gentlemen get out of a car with crowbars and sledgehammers,” he pleaded. ”because in the surveillance tapes that we looked at several cars drove by that night and nobody called anything in.”

If you recognize the men in the surveillance video, please contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-8477 (TIPS). 

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