Motorcyclist struck in suspected hit and run crash after attending deputy’s funeral

A motorcyclist is recovering in a Houston hospital after a suspected hit-and-run crash Saturday afternoon.

Allen Taylor, the National President of “Taylor’s Organization,” was hit by a car along Interstate 10, near the Beltway 8 west exit. 

On Sunday, Taylor agreed to speak with FOX 26 as he recovers in the hospital.

“I saw my life flash before my eyes,” said Taylor. “By the time it was over with, tossing-turning flipping and flopping, I raised up and wondered if I was dead.”

According to Taylor, he had been riding to his Grandson’s birthday party from a funeral. Taylor’s Organization had been at Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Deputy Mark Allen’s funeral that day to support the deputy’s family.

“[We were] trying to do right for the community,” said Jeremiah Johnson, a member of Taylor’s Organization. “[Only] to get lashed at by someone that may not even care.”

Johnson had been on a motorcycle behind Taylor during the crash. According to Johnson, the situation was tense as motorists avoided running Taylor over.

“We were all panicking, making sure he was safe in the middle of the freeway,” said Johnson.

After help arrived, Johnson snapped photos of his friend being taken away by ambulance. Taylor says he has several broken ribs, a punctured lung, a possible wrist fracture, an injured knee, and road-rash.

“The helmet did save my life,” said Taylor. “There ain’t no doubt.”

Two weeks ago, another charity motorcycle club was involved in a crash in the Texas hill country. Four members of the Thin Blue Line were run over and killed by a suspected drunk driver.

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On Saturday, members of the Thin Blue Line were with Taylor’s Organization at the deputy’s funeral. We’re told they were riding motorcycles near each other during the crash.

“They weren’t too far behind us,” said Taylor. “They couldn’t believe when they saw what happened. Which I really feel bad for them, seeing the accident like that. They’re still going through the drama of losing four members.”

A police officer from the funeral service witnessed the hit and run crash. According to Johnson, the officer helped Taylor, then located the suspected driver’s vehicle. We’re told the driver was taken back to the scene and eventually arrested for fleeing the scene.

“This could have been fatal,” said Taylor. “Please, please keep an eye out for people around you.”