Houston Police investigating after 11 people shot Saturday night, 2 people killed

The Houston Police Department is investigating at least 11 shootings that took place Saturday night across the city.  According to officials, 4 teens were shot and 2 people were killed.

Police believe the shootings were all un-related.  In addition, none of the victims were random.

Video uploaded publicly to Reddit about a week ago highlights the recent crime across Houston.  The dramatic dash-camera video shows two people firing guns towards a shopping center in the Willowbrook area while also getting shot at.  The gunfire took place in broad daylight with several other drivers nearby.

"These people that are victimizing our citizens, they don’t care who they hurt," said Houston Police Officers’ Union President Douglas Griffith.  "They don’t care who’s in their way.  They have no conscious when it comes to that."

We asked Griffith what can be done to fix the issue involving violence in Houston.  Among a few items, Griffith believes HPD needs to hire more officers and people should be held accountable for crimes committed.

"First of all, we have to start holding people accountable," said Griffith.  "I understand there are dangers in the jail for COVID, but how about just not going to jail.  A lot of these judges are not paying attention to repeat offenders."

Four of the people shot Saturday-Sunday were teenagers.  According to Houston Police, 10 people murdered in 2021 have been teens.

"The problem is; we have all of these teenagers going out there," said Griffith.  "Sadly, we’re having lives taken over nonsense."

All of the shootings remain under investigation.  If you have any information you’re urged to contact HPD.

"It scares me to death," said Griffith.  "I’ve got sons that live in Houston, I live in Houston.  My parents live in Houston.  Crooks today are just emboldened by the fact that nothing is going to happen to them when they go to jail.  They’re going to be released on a low bond, and be out to re-offend and victimize our citizens."