Homeowners dealing with outrageously high water bills

The Enchanted Valley Estates water system has the residents of Enchanted Valley Estates by the bills.

"So, in other words, we pay our bills or you turn off our water she said yeah that's right," said homeowner Dolores Ross.

Answers aren't flowing like water for these concerned residents. In just the last couple of months, they've gotten huge water bills.

"Sometimes it's beyond what you pay for your mortgage," said HOA president Kamy Tehranchi. "There are eight, nine hundred dollar water bills out here."

"There's only two of us in the house and when you call and question they say just figure out how to pay it." said homeowner Julie Loocke-Dobbs.

Some residents are being billed for using 60, 70, even more than 80,000 gallons of water.

"A typical pool a big pool is 25,000 gallons of water. If you had that kind of leak in your backyard you would see it," the HOA president said.

These residents get their water from a water corporation, not a MUDD District.

That means there's no state agency like the Public Utility Commission they can turn to to investigate their complaints.

We went to the Enchanted Valley Estates Water Systems to get answers for the residents.

But we were told the person we needed to speak to was unavailable.

Since it's a water corporation, residents say they were told to attend a board meeting to voice their concerns but then they say they were told there were no board meetings to attend.

The Homeowners Association is trying to get answers as well.

"They are saying there are no problems with the meters," said HOA secretary Kim Lubs. "But there's no possible way people could use this much water."