Harris Co. Commissioner Ramsey calls proposed redistricting plan ‘corrupt’

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey is furious - incensed over proposed political boundaries which would drastically reduce the geographic size of the area he serves and alter the demographic make-up to favor a Democrat in future elections.

"This all about control of the County by a few and I'm going to say corrupt individuals. These corrupt politicians, the Rodney Ellis approach to things is to be vindictive. He's got some anger issues that he is taking out on the citizens of Precinct 3," said Ramsey.

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Ramsey points to the redistricting map offered by Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis, which would dislodge a huge chunk of unincorporated Harris County from Precinct 3 and "pack it" into Precinct 4.

Trouble is Precinct 4 would then be responsible for at least 29 additional parks and hundreds of miles of additional County Roads with zero additional money and manpower to maintain them.

"What their hope is is that all the unincorporated area of Harris County becomes an underserved area, that's their plan," said Ramsey of his Democratic colleagues on Commissioners Court.


As for the political ramifications, Ramsey says Commissioner Ellis's map would strip a half million, mostly conservative, current residents out of Precinct 3, making it vulnerable to a progressive challenger in the next election and boosting the Democratic advantage on Commissioners Court to a "Super Majority."

"Their ultimate plan is to make sure they had that fourth vote so they can raise your taxes to the max every year. They are committed to do it," said Ramsey.


"Any maps that I vote for will be fair and designed to provide better representation for all Harris County residents. Has Commissioner Ramsey complained about the radical partisan racially discriminatory gerrymandering his Republican colleagues just rammed through the state legislature?" said Commissioner Ellis in response to a FOX 26 request for comment.

Commissioner Ramsey is asking all current residents of Precinct 3 with concerns to attend the public hearing in person Thursday at 4 p.m.