Chief, district attorney face angry crowd at town hall meeting about no-knock warrants

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — It was difficult at times for Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg to even answer the questions as some people in the crowd would boo and talk over them.

One thing is for certain — no-knock warrants will not be in future for Houston Police Department officers.

Chief Acevedo also told the crowd to expect first entry officers to be wearing body cameras in the future. He also pointed out the FBI is investigating the shooting that left two suspects dead and four officers wounded.

The crowd became angry when Acevedo told them he has not terminated the officer who falsified an affidavit.

There is of course a process in place that Acevedo must adhere to before terminating anyone employed by HPD.

Some people in the crowd wanted the chief to resign. He said that is not going to happen

Acevedo told the group attending the town hall meeting to let the investigation run its course and he believes at least two officers will be criminally charged. He vowed some good things would come out of this tragedy.