6-year-old left with hickeys on neck after extreme bullying incident at Spring ISD elementary

Frustrated Spring ISD parents reached out to FOX 26 after they say their 6-year-old daughter was excessively bullied. What’s worse, the officers investigating told the parents they consider one incident a sexual assault. 

Brittany Herrera, who reached out to us, says they are frustrated because this was not the only incident of extreme bullying towards her young daughter Mia.


Parents of this 6-year-old say she has been getting bullied at her Spring ISD elementary school.

"She’s been getting bullied from the first day of school, she came back with a huge knot on her head," said Herrera.

Herrera, who was lost for words, says she picked her 6-year-old up from school recently with a lump on her forehead.

"She came back with a huge knot on her head and said that another little girl had literally pushed her against a wall," said Herrera. 

Mia went home fromschool with a lump on her head that she says came from being shoved into a wall.


And just a few weeks later, the mother says a hickey incident happened. Mia reluctantly told her mom that while during a bathroom break, three girls were sent inside together. 

"She told me, the girl got on top of me, and she started biting me," said Herrera. "I think she says ‘biting’ because basically my kids don’t know what hickeys are, and they were clearly hickeys."

The mother tells FOX 26, she was very clear with the school, Gloria Marshall Elementary, that she did not want her child near those two girls that were bullying her. 

"She told me that the other girl was going to tell the teacher on her," said Herrera.

Herrera was shocked that the two girls bullying her daughter were trying to shift blame. 

"We are talking about a kindergartener who knows how to manipulate in this manner," said Herrera. 

The Herreras are frustrated, saying their daughter had to sit in the same classroom with her bullies for three months, and the school was also slow to take action. 

"I took her with me to go have a chat with the principal," said Herrera. "He said, ‘What do you want me to do for you guys to feel better about it?’"

So Herrera filed a police report with Spring ISD Police. 

"I asked the officer, with your knowledge, is this your typical bully case? He said, ‘Absolutely not. This is a sexual assault case. Had that child been 10 years older, we would be at her house making some kind of arrest,'" Herrera said.

Spring ISD officers told the bullied girl's parents that the hickeys are a sexual assault.


She tells us, unfortunately, she’s noticed the bullying has taken a toll on her daughter. 

"As much as I didn’t want to realize it, it did take some spark away from her," said Herrera. 

FOX 26 spoke with Spring ISD officials who said one of the girls was transferred to a different elementary and protocol was followed.