New York primary one week away

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Donald Trump is angrily denouncing what he calls a "rigged system" within the Republican party. He says it's allowing his presidential rivals to siphon off delegates that should be rightfully be his. Trump's campaign has been outmaneuvered by Ted Cruz at a series of recent state meetings to select national convention delegates, including a sweep of all 34 Colorado delegates at the party's state convention. Speaking at a rally in Albany, New York, Trump told supporters that he's "millions of votes ahead" of Cruz.

NEW YORK (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is accusing front-runner Donald Trump of "a lot of whining." Trump has been complaining about his struggles in recent primary contests in Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Colorado. In Louisiana, Trump won the primary, but lost the delegate count to Cruz. Trump told a crowd in Albany, New York Monday that "The system is rigged, folks."

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Some 10,000 people have turned out for Donald Trump's latest rally, filling a downtown arena in Albany, New York, tonight. Trump railed about Republican party rules that have allowed Ted Cruz to creep within 200 delegates of him. Trump calls it a "rigged system," and said he's "millions of votes ahead" of Cruz.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A new poll finds Bernie Sanders has one clear advantage over his Democratic and Republican presidential rivals — a lot of people actually like him. A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds 48 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of the Vermont senator, while 39 percent have an unfavorable opinion. That's the best net-positive rating in the field. Sanders also is doing better as Americans get to know him. His favorable rating is up from an earlier AP-GfK poll.

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton is hitting rival Bernie Sanders on his gun control record, saying he's failed to take a strong stand against stopping the spread of firearms. Sanders has cited his background as a senator from Vermont as the reason for some of his votes against gun control measures, saying that rural states have a different relationship to guns. Sanders, meanwhile, is accusing Clinton of being a latecomer to the effort to limit fossil fuels. At a rally in upstate New York today, Sanders also said Clinton hasn't fully opposed the oil and gas drilling method called fracking.

WASHINGTON (AP) — It could be an early general election warning for Donald Trump. Americans in a new poll say they trust Hillary Clinton over Trump on a range of issues -- including immigration, health care and nominating supreme Court justices. Even when asked which of the two candidates would be best at "making America great" -- the central promise of Trump's campaign -- Americans surveyed by the Associated Press and GfK were slightly more likely to side with Clinton.

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