Military veterans translating skills to gain civilian employment

- When San Jacinto College student Jacob Eldridge left the U.S. Navy, he knew he was going to have a difficutl time transitioning to the civilian workforce. He was an EM3 attached as EOD support. Don't know what that is or what he did? Most civilians don't. The Navy was there to help.

“When you come out of the military, they have a week-long course now that has been beneficial at translating what you have done,“ says Eldridge.

The program is relatively new. To help military veterans get jobs, the college sponsored a free seminar with radio host Todd Bermont to help the veterans ditch military jargon and be able to explain to civilians what they have done in terms that people who don't have a military background would understand.

Because if an employer doesn't understand what's on a resume...

“It goes in the circular file," says Bermont. "At the end of the day, employers will spend between seven and thirty seconds looking at a resume.” That may be one reason why unemployment is higher among veterans.

While the civilian unemployment rate is hovering at around five percent, unemployment among recent veterans is closer to six percent.

Which presidential candidate would be better at creating jobs for veterans -- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?  Members of the military tend to vote along Republican party lines. A recent FOX News poll shows that veterans prefer Trump by 17 points. Veterans at the seminar were similarly divided.

“I would say Hillary Clinton would have more experience, with that being more involved in government,” says U.S. Navy veteran Clay Gilmore

“Because he's been in the world where he knows how to employm he knows what people are looking for,  he's run multimillion dollar companies," adds U.S. Navy veteran Patricia Bricker. But if it were up to veterans, it might not be Trump or Clinton. Recent polls show Trump and Libertarian presidential Gary Johnson in a statistical dead heat.

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