Men, women respond to Trump's 2005 sexual comments

- FOX 26 News posed questions about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's comments and attitudes towards women to random men on the streets of downtown Houston. Many responded that it was just “guy talk” and no big deal.

“They know that men are like that," said Cecil Walker. "We're nasty when we're alone, with friends we say some bad stuff. Don't do it in front of women.”  

And how common is sexual harassment? Not very, according to most.

“Honestly I can't attest to hearing anything like that where I work," said a man who identified himself as “Matt.”

“I don't see that a lot. I don't hear that a lot anymore. I think it's rarer than when I was younger. It still goes on, I’m sure.” Said Ricky Carrol. Women are also pretty sure it does too. One in three women between the ages of 18 and 34 claim that they have been harassed in the workplace, according to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine. That doesn't include out of the workplace. 

What baffles women like Shelia Alvear is how few men were aware of this before the national conversation on the issue was reset.

“Sadly, yes," said Alvear. "I'm pretty sure a good percentage of men that know it is wrong and were raised right know they shouldn't act like that. I think a lot of men just think it's OK -- that women are just objects to talk about.”

The Houston Area Women's Center is a non-partisan organization that takes no stand on politics, but it does take a stand on this issue.

“Words are not just words," said Leticia Manzano. "Words are thought and beliefs that in this case men can hold and they lead to values and they lead to behaviors.”  

And speaking of behaviors, not every man who spoke with FOX 26 believes harassment is rare or acceptable.

“If I see something, I'll say something," said a man who identified himself as Brandon. "I'll go up and say, 'Hey, it's inappropriate,' and as you said, most women are uncomfortable in those situations. I think they would want some support."

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