Measuring the Latino vote ahead of Election Day 2016

- There aren't too many political yard signs in the heavily Latino southeast side of Houston. A Republican sign sits in Saul Cruz's yard.  He can't vote, but if he could, he'd vote Democratic.

“Hillary,  because I'd never vote for a Republican," Cruz said.

The Democrats hope there are plenty more Latinos like Cruz who can vote.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are 27.3 million Latino eligible voters. That's 12 percent of the electorate. Since 2012, the number of eligible voters have increased by 4 million, a 37 percent increase. Latinos have traditionally voted democratic, and anecdotal evidence seems to be bearing that out again.

"I actually think that it's important to vote always," Diana Trevino said.  "But yeah, this time around more Latinos are voting. I think it's because of Trump."

Early polling data shows Latinos are voting in larger numbers than before, especially in battle ground states, and they're voting for Hillary. Many of them say it's because of statements made by Donald Trump about immigrants more than anything else. But to quote Yogi Berra, "It aint over till it's over."

Latino Millennials don’t back Hillary as strongly as their parents and grandparents. That’s why Democratic Party rock stars like the Castro Brothers are doing a little last minute stumping for Hillary Clinton.

“We hope we can get everyone out to vote," said Julian Castro. "We hope they'll support Hillary Clinton, but the fact is, in Texas we want as many people to vote as possible. Only 32 percent of Texans voted in 2014.”

But according to some political analysts, Texas Latinos stay away in droves come Election Day.

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