Kim Ogg elected Harris County District Attorney

- At precisely one minute after 10, to the delight of her supporters, Kim Ogg declared herself the winner of the Harris County district attorney's race.

“You see these people up here? This is my family. These are my friends and this is Houston in all of its glory and diversity and I'm so proud to be your DA,”  she said to thunderous applause.

On Ogg's to-do list as the new DA? She plans to revamp the bail system, eliminate jail time for some non-violent offenses like possession of small amounts of marijuana and change the "win at all costs" culture at the office.

Tyler Flood, the president of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, says it was time for a change.

“With so many things wrong with the criminal justice system, things that the current DA has not been forthcoming about, we have new hope in a new day tomorrow.”

Ogg says the DA’s office’s  jailing of a rape victim to guarantee her testimony in court was a major factor in her win and made it personal for her.

“This campaign is dedicated to my mom, the first survivor that I knew. Her name is Nancy Ogg and I know she's with us here,”  Ogg said holding up her mother’s photo.

Ogg hopes that the transition will be a smooth and orderly one.

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