Houston reacts to FBI reopening the Clinton e-mail investigation

- The FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is unprecedented but not surprising to most Houstonians we talked to.

“I think it’s a little sad I think it just reflects on the entire election process,” said Francisca Webster. “It doesn’t seem to get any better.”

“It’s just more political kind of back and forth,” said Constanza Fernandez. “ I’m actually a U.S. citizen who lives outside the country. I came here to vote and it’s really sad but you should still do your part.”

Some see the FBI’s announcement as much ado about nothing while others see it as much needed closure.

“I think it’s just a dead horse that they’re beating,” said Aubrey Smith. “They’ve already spent millions on it and nobody has found anything.”

“It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed,” said Elizabeth Manthey. “How can we trust her to run our country if she’s sending out all these emails that aren’t being protected.”

Actress Lynda Carter was in town stomping for Clinton, her longtime friend.

She was asked about any impact this could have on the race.

“Well if the truth is told I don’t think it’s going to have much of an impact but then you know how that goes at least on one side,” Carter said.

“Opinions about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are already locked in among most voters,” said Rice University political professor Mark Jones. “There are very few actually undecided voters.”

Jones says some local republicans in hotly contested races could benefit by straight-party ticket voters.

“In Harris County you could see candidates like Sheriff Ron Hickman or Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan who are in real strong fights with opponents benefit.”  


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