Are Clinton e-mails and 'stealth' Trump voters turning election tide?

- A week out from what many are calling the most contentious and mean-spirited presidential election in recent American history, we found voters in Acres Homes drawn by both duty and desire to cast ballots early.

"People are coming out because they want to have their voice heard and we are concerned about our country," said voter James Walker.

"I want my values represented through people who represent me," said voter Bri Smith.

 "It's important for me to vote because I have young kids and I want to have a better future for them," said voter Christopher Steagall.

But a fresh chapter in the Clinton e-mail scandal has moved polls and changed some minds.

Rice political analyst Mark Jones says it's not likely to make a difference for Donald Trump, but Republicans further down the ballot could benefit.

"It could have an impact in Harris County where people like Sheriff Ron Hickman and Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan are fighting for their political lives and were on the outside looking in and this might be a lifeline that pulls them up," said Jones.

Off to a blazing start, early voting in Harris County has tailed off, leading analysts to believe the final numbers will be less impressive than expected, particularly when population growth is factored in.

That could render more significant a mysterious block of the electorate we've labeled "the stealth Trump supporters".

Jones says they are out there, but no one is sure how many.

"A stealth Trump supporter is somebody who supports Donald Trump, but because they feel they'll be subject to harassment or attacks if they say so openly, they stay quiet about it," said Jones.

Meantime back at Acres Home most believe "server-gate" is destined to be an unfortunate sideshow of a likely Clinton presidency.

"Don't just complain about it, do something about it. At least cast your vote. That's about all you can do, but you did something!" said voter Margaret Booty.

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