Increased mass transit options since 2004 Super Bowl

- With the Westfield High School Mustangs marching band performing vigorously, METRO unveiled its new Super Bowl LI bus logos. Honestly, logos won't 'drive' people to take a ride on the varying public transit options to the game or related events, but that is what organizers really want people to do.

The key is to use METRO rather than using your own vehicle if you live here in Houston,” said Bob Eury with the Downtown Management District.

METRO also unveiled its game plan to get people to ride. But first, remember the last time we did this -- back when NRG Stadium was Reliant Stadium and the Patriots trounced the Panthers? Getting around town then was let’s jsut say, challenging.

“I think we have a more robust system then we had in 2004,"  I tell you 2004 was a learning experience. We've worked with our colleagues in this region to handle significant events since then,” explained METRO president Tom Lambert. He also said that at that time, there was only 7.5 miles of light rail line and eighteen rail cars on the one line. There are now 23 miles on multiple light rail lines with 76 cars operating on them. METRO is also establishing parking lots along those rail lines and encouraging people to use the Park and Ride system, especially anyone traveling into the city from suburban areas.

METRO released these maps of temporary high frequency bus service lines -- buses that will run as often as every six minutes.

“The shuttle bus from downtown to the Galleria is special for the event but we've run similar lines in the past, so we're pretty confident," said Lambert. "Midtown is also going to run on a circular route.” 

The downtown Houston section around Discovery Green, where many hotels are and events will be, will have three separate shuttle bus lines running. METRO has built the transit infrastructure but since Houstonians and surrounding neighbors love their cars, will people take advantage of it or will people keep marching to the same old commuter beat?

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