Was That Fake? - unpatriotic President Trump photo

A photo that has been shared repeatedly on social media appears to show then-candidate Donald Trump with his hands at his side rather than over his heart during the national anthem at a GOP debate in December 2015.

Considering how critical that President Trump has been of people not showing respect for the national anthem, it begs the question -- is the photo legitimate or just more Adobe Photoshop wizardry?

A few articles credit Reuters for the image, but none of the sources appear to be legitimate. Another concern is that the moment was not captured on video.

The December 2015 CNN debate opens with the camera panning over the candidates before the anthem begins with all of them standing with their right hands over their hearts.

Perhaps then-candidate Trump was a second or two late to place his hand over his heart? But in every photo included in a Reuters gallery for the event, he has his hand up for the anthem. Unless someone can find the formal source, we have no reason to believe the photo in question was not altered.

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