Was That Fake? - 'Tiny Toker' toy

Was That Fake?

A report is circulating that claims to be from Facebook saying it has shut down 538 fake accounts and taken action against 800 million pieces of spam. The report is accurate. Facebook says the affected accounts violated community standards. The company says the first quarter of 2018 has already involved moderating millions of instances of hate speech, terrorist propaganda, violence and sexually-explicit content.

Was That Fake?

Was a woman fired for baking laxative brownies for a co-worker? The story claims that she brought the brownies to someone's farewell party. This scenario actually took place at a Michigan engineering firm. Someone notified management at the company before anyone could eat them. It wasn't until police were going to test the brownies that the woman admitted to her dirty deed.

Was That Fake?

Has Fisher-Price released a toy that encourages smoking marijuana? A photo is floating around on the internet and some people have been sharing it, believing it to be legitimate. The box that holds the toy in question appears to show a child smoking out of a bong. The image has been traced to a meme account that takes products and gives them a marijuana makeover.  No weed-inspired toys are in the future for Fisher-Price.

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