Was That Fake? - sex noises on Instagram

  • Did an Instagram star really live stream her and her boyfriend during a very intimate moment? Indeed she did. Many of 18-year-old Kristen Hancher's Instagram followers believed it was a joke, but it was quite real. Her camera was obscured, but fans definitely heard three minutes of a sexual encounter between Hancher and her boyfriend. She later posted an apology, admitting it was an accident and quite embarrassing.
  • A man is in a New York jail after threatening a "Las Vegas repeat." Many people online believed it was a hoax or conspiracy theory, but it was quite true. Police arrested 34-year-old Victor Casillas for extortionate threats, saying he sent murder threats to employees in Colorado, demanding money and saying things like, "Get ready for a Las Vegas repeat" and "Please tell loved ones to start picking out a nice beautiful casket." He also sent images of guns and ammunition. Casillas now faces up to 20 years in prison.
  • Did a white firefighter present a watermelon as a gift to a new black co-worker? This story is also true. Robert Pattinson was fired from Station 55 in Detroit for the stunt after some firefighters complained. Something to note is that a lot of the black firefighters are supporting their friend and saying they don't believe he's racist, calling him "a really good guy."
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