Was That Fake? - plant defense, clown crisis, President pet savior

Do plants have feelings? Apparently, they know when they're being eaten, and try to defend themselves. 
University of Missouri scientists found that plants pump toxic mustard oils when predictors get to chomping on them. Either they're trying to scare us off or they cry tiny mustard tears. Is this fake? No, but perhaps a stretch and definitely something to think about that next time you're eating a salad.

A clown public relations crisis following the trailer for the movie "It," which will be released on Friday, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Real clowns are wearing real frowns.

The World Clown Association president, yes, there is such a person, says all the buzz for the film is costing his performers money. A whole new generation is meeting the character Pennywise, causing schools and libraries to cancel scheduled clown performances. Is this fake? For clowns, the whole freaky clown concern is nothing to laugh at. 

There's a picture circulating online of President Donald Trump rescuing a couple cats from floodwaters during his Texas visit. That never happened. The image is a Photoshop job, but people are sharing it like it is the real deal. Facebook users have even congratulated him for the good deed. The original photo was taken in 2008 during a flood in Iowa. The President did offer a helping hand to Harvey survivors when he visited Texas and Louisiana on Saturday, but no paws were extended to our knowledge.

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