Was That Fake? - pizza square footage debate

Was That Fake?   

There are claims that Senator Elizabeth Warren proved she was racist on an Instagram Live post. In the video, she popped open a beer and was chatting about a presidential campaign. Pictures began to circulate that claimed Sen. Warren had a piece of racist memorabilia in the background of her kitchen, specifically, a black figurine eating a slice of watermelon. Fact-checking website Snopes claims Warren's press secretary provided photos with a vase on her kitchen cabinets. The actual original footage of Warren's Instragram Live post is no longer available. FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren has since deleted her tweet about the matter. It seems the entire concern may have been a misunderstanding from a bad angle of that vase.

Was That Fake?

Do Samsung phones make it impossible to delete the Facebook app? Whether for privacy reasons or because they just don't want it, people are claiming that phones won't let them delete the app, only disable it. Facebook is installed on some Samsung devices and Facebook is claiming disabling the app stops data collection. It does appear some devices do not allow the removal of Facebook entirely. As for whether that means Facebook is still tracking you, it seems it is a matter of whether you believe Samsung and Facebook or not.

Was That Fake?

Does one 18-inch pizza get you more pizza than ordering two 12-inch pizzas? This question is being debated online, but mathematics makes the answer clear. Based on how to calculate the area of a circle, an 18-inch pizza is slightly more than seven square feet of pizza while two 12-inch pizzas represent around 6.25 square feet of pizza.

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