Was That Fake? - Obama family not invited to next royal wedding

Was That Fake?

Did Queen Elizabeth remove the Obama family from the guest list for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding? Just News USA posted an article claiming that former First Lady Michelle Obama tried to sneak a spot on the guest list and when Her Majesty learned about it, she "delivered a brutal beatdown." The truth is the guest list has not even been set yet and the Obama family is known to have a good relationship with the royal family. No mainstream news outlets in the United Kingdom are reporting any kind of falling out between the two families. Snopes classifies Just News USA as a fake news site.

Was That Fake?

Did deputies in Georgia force a man to cut off his own dog's head? This one is true. Crawford County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report that Joe Nathan Goodwin's dog bit a boy. A deputy went to his home, says the dog charged him, so he shot and killed the pet. When Goodwin started recording the encounter, the deputy told Goodwin to cut off his dog's head so he could take it to get tested. Goodwin was outraged, but the deputy threatened to arrest Goodwin if he didn't comply. After Goodwin followed the command, the dog's head was placed in a bag. The sheriff's office is investigating the case.

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