Was That Fake? - Keanu Reeves pays for man's kidney transplant

Was That Fake?

Did a car thief get caught because he called the owner for help? This one is true. This began when a woman used an auto-starter to start her car from inside a store. She walked out and it was gone. Apparently, the thief drove almost an hour away, parked and couldn’t restart it. He called the owner to ask if she could get someone to start it for him. This really happened in Minnesota. When police caught him, he said he knew all along this wasn’t a good idea.

Was That Fake?

A Facebook post is circulating that claims actor Keanu Reeves paid for a stranger’s kidney transplant with an envelope full of cash. Two pictures are being shared and they show Reeves and a guy, then a wad of cash. The picture of Reeves is from January and you can find it in other fan posts with no mention of a kidney transplant. The cash photo is from an unrelated post from 2017. Unfortunately, Reeves did not buy someone a kidney with a wad of cash.

Was That Fake?

Did a river freeze in the shape of the popular "Scream" mask? The image is manipulated from a photo of a frozen river in Russia. The river in the picture is real. It was taken in 2012. The altered version pops up every couple of years and gets shared like crazy by people who think it is new.

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