Was That Fake? - Joy Behar groped Robin Williams

Was That Fake?

Did Norway just legalize drugs? Not quite. Some headlines aren’t getting this totally right. Norway decriminalized drugs, with a majority vote by its parliament who said it wants to stop punishing people for the struggle. Basically, anyone caught with drugs will be treated like they’re sick and not slapped with fines or thrown into jail.

Was That Fake?

Is a picture of "The View" Joy Behar groping fellow comedian Robin Williams real? It is getting circulated online with people calling her a hypocrite. Behar frequently criticizes President Donald Trump for his notorious comment about grabbing women. It is a real photo. The two even discussed it on her show back in 2011. There’s a similar shot on Getty images from another angle. Obviously, Robin Williams is not with us anymore to address whether or not he was fine with the grab.

Was That Fake?

A photo is circulating showing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russian interference investigation, next to now President Donald Trump. In the photo, the alleged Mueller is serving in the Vietnam War while Trump is holding a bowling trophy. The side-by-side comparison making the rounds is meant to compare the integrity of their accomplishments, but the shot of Mueller is not real. He did serve in Vietnam, but that isn’t a picture of him. The photographer said it’s a guy from a totally different division than Mueller. Remember to be careful what you believe.

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