Was That Fake? - Jack Daniels & ISIS flags

Fact or fiction? Bottoms up as concerned neighbors in Switzerland mistake a Jack Daniels flag for an Islamic State flag. In the Swiss newspaper article, a man was sent an anonymous letter after hanging a Jack Daniels flag outside his apartment unit. The letter read, "Is it necessary to be afraid of you?" An honest mix-up by neighbors who may not speak or read English and only see the black and white lettering, but the man wants to take legal action against the person who sent the letter, claiming his reputation is now ruined. Yet, he won't take the flag down. The story is unbelievable, but indeed true.

An Indiana officer shoots at an actor during the filming of a movie, believing it was a real crime scene. Was That Fake? The police body camera footage tells the story. The officer saw the actor wearing a mask and holding a handgun, which caused him to pull out his service weapon and fire it toward the masked man. No one was hurt, but the officer had some explaining to do. He says the movie crew never notified police about the project. Unlike the actor's gun, the story is quite real.

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