Was That Fake? - invisibility cloak

Was That Fake? 

A video that is being shared throughout the world claims to show an invisibility cloak. Some people online claim that the man in the video is an employee from the Public Security Council for the People's Republic of China. Of course it is fake. Snopes could not find any connection between the video and the Chinese government. The website also claims the video has been heavily edited. All apologies to fans of the Harry Potter book and movie series, but the invisibility cloak is still not a thing.

Was That Fake? 

Is worshiping robots a new religious trend? This one is quite true. The first ever church that follows an artificially-intelligent being was opened in November. The religion is calling itself Way of the Future. One artificial intelligence expert says we will likely see other churches like this one developing because it's human nature for us to want to follow the instructions of a higher being and for some, robots may fall into that category. 

Was That Fake? 

Should we all be calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by the nickname Mother Nature? According to news sources in North Korea, the communist country's president can control the weather! The 33-year-old dictator apparently climbed atop a mountain on the border with China during a blizzard. When he reached the top, news reports say the blizzard stopped and suddenly the weather was fine. Kim Jong Un is then said to have stood at the top reflecting about his nuclear ambitions. We'll let you judge this story on your own! 

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