Was That Fake? - illness in dogs from tennis balls

- Was That Fake?

A warning to dog owners originally posted by a Houston-area Facebook group is gaining national attention. Humane Animal Rescue Project posted the warning on Facebook, claiming three dogs had bad reactions in their mouths after playing with Penn brand tennis balls. The pet owners also said the affected dogs needed intravenous treatments because the pain was so bad. They are claiming they have not been the only ones experiencing the issue and are warning that you not let your dogs play with tennis balls.

FOX 26 News has contacted Humane Animal Rescue Project and is still waiting for a response, but Penn Racquet Sports told People Magazine that there is no toxic material in its tennis balls and that the company has never dealt with any issues with humans or pets getting sick from them. The company also reminds that tennis balls are not technically designed as dog toys.

Keep in mind that there are dog-friendly tennis-style balls available as toys as pet stores.

Was That Fake?

Can a full gasoline tank cause your car to explode if it gets too hot? That would be pretty terrifying for anyone traveling during Independence Day week with the hot summer temperatures in Texas. The warning, which has been shared all over social media platforms, says to fill your fuel tank halfway, allowing space for air. Should you encourage your friends and family to heed this warning? 

Research indicates that a temperature of at least 495 degrees is required to make fuel ignite on its own.
100-degree temperatures are hot, but it will not cause a gasoline explosion in vehicles. The group accused of making the claim is Pakistan State Oil. The group has posted that its logo was used for this warning but it didn't come from Pakistan State Oil. It has reassured the public that filling the fuel tank poses no threat of any kind and is actually beneficial for vehicles.

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