Was That Fake? - God not 'He' or 'Lord'

Was That Fake?

Is the Church of Sweden no longer wanting to use “Lord” and “He” when referring to God? This is true -- hard to believe, but true. The church is updating its handbook and no longer wants to use masculine-specific terms when referring to God, instead the Great Almighty would be gender-neutral.

“We know that God is beyond our gender determinations," according to a statement from the church. "God is not human.”

Was That Fake?

Is Shenandoah National Park in Virginia really selling Trump wine? That would be a clear ethics violation. This is not fake as much as it is misleading.

The article getting shared urges readers to pick up Trump wine at the park gift shop. While it is true that Trump brand wine has been sold at the park’s gift shop, the shop isn’t owned by the federal government, but by a private company, so it can sell whatever wine it chooses. That company does clarify however that the deal with the winery and gift shop was made before Donald Trump bought the property back in 2011, and of course well before he campaigned for President. The company also says it hasn't purchased a batch since 2016.

Was That Fake?

Is Canada allowing parents to euthanize their disabled children? No. An article surfaced saying a controversial new law allows parents to kill their disabled kids. It linked to an opinion piece by National Review Online -- an opinion piece speculating that legal euthanasia in Canada could eventually be available to minors. That author was examining provisions of a bill passed in 2016 that legalized physician-assisted death in Canada for the incurably ill. The option is not available to minors.

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