Was That Fake? - fighter revived from death

One news headline says a mixed martial arts fighter who died in the cage over the weekend wants you to know he's feeling much better. Confusing?

Here's the deal. C.J. Hancock, who is from Houston, literally died during a fight. He cut too much weight and took a blow that stopped his heart and kidneys, killing him within seconds, but paramedics jumped into the cage with a defibrillator, then brought him to a hospital. He is alive and comfortable at home, but doctors have advised him to end his fighting career.

Is Snapchat coming to an end? One article says it will be out of the app store by next week. This was from Channel 45 News, which is not a real news website. A lot of people must be sharing this one without clicking, because the page says it is a prank. This one is fake and proves that a lot of your friends don't actually read the stories they share.    

Can you really order a keg of ranch dressing? This one is indeed true. Hidden Valley Food Products Company calls it a year's worth of ranch, available in a mini keg that fits five liters of the famed dressing. It costs $50 and is available for pre-order with shipping starting on Dec. 11.

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