Was That Fake? - faux First Son

Was That Fake?

A meme appears to show Democratic lawmakers on their phones during President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address. The photo is real and is from a screenshot almost an hour into the speech as the President talked about health care for military veterans, but they weren't the only ones who checked their phones. Snopes found two GOP lawmakers doing the same. 

Was That Fake?

Was the First Son a fake at the State of the Union address? A lot of people were joking that The White House was trying to pull a fast one on everyone with a Barron Trump body double. That wasn't the case at all as the boy seated next to First Lady Melania Trump was an invited guest of the First Family. His name is Preston Sharp and he honored military veterans in his hometown. This of course didn't stop people from having some internet fun. 

Was That Fake?

Did rapper Jay-Z punch a girl in the face? Video emerged claiming he popped an underage female when she asked for his autograph. The article from YourNewsWire claims it is his latest bad act, but did it happen? The shove happened but it was all in good fun. The two of them were simply joking. A representative from Jay-Z's former company Roc-A-Fella cleared things up. The video is from 1999 and shows behind the scenes of the "Hard Knock Life" tour. That representative says the girl is a friend of Jay-Z who still works with him and also explains that Roc-A-Fella produced the film and wouldn't release something showing the company's founder hitting a woman.

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