Was That Fake? - Facebook 'female blackout'

Was That Fake?

Is it dangerous to combine over-the-counter medications like Motrin and Robitussin? A Facebook post being distributed says an 8-year-old girl died of a random heart attack and claims that her doctor warned this was happening to other children with the common link of taking Motrin and Robitussin together. A pharmacist tells FOX 26 News that Motrin and other ibuprofen-based medications can be problematic if you have thin blood or are prescribed blood thinners, but taking it for 7-to-10 days as recommended is considered too little time for it to have any problematic impact for most people who don't have known blood issues. The pharmacist also says millions of people combine these medications often and if it caused any unwanted side effects, we would know by now. In his decades of experience, he has never once heard of any medical reason not to combine Motrin and Robitussin. He also says the combination remains a highly-recommended one within the medical community.

Was That Fake?

Did more than 1,000 men take over a cruise ship? Passengers who traveled on a recent Royal Carribean trip in September are getting refunds after 1,300 men from a tobacco company brought dancers and food aboard, turning the ship into what one passenger described as a "huge bachelor party." Royal Caribbean says the company is trying to determine how to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Was That Fake?

Is there a massive "blackout" happening on Facebook on Oct. 3 to support women? A message is being distributed saying that women should make their their profile photos black to show a world without women. That message also says "pass along only to women" and that it was for a project and not a joke. There were similar posts tracing back to 2017, making this an apparent case of chain mail with no evidence of an official organized effort or time when it would take place. The message has also been criticized since it is asking women to silence themselves rather than speak up about the issue. If you do want to make a difference, you should contact your Congress members and tell them you're concerned about equality for women. They log and count every call.

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