Was That Fake? - face dyed pink

Was that fake?

Pedophiles pretending to be chicken nuggets to lure children? It is super creepy and all too real. The Irish Mirror reports pedophiles in the United Kingdom are creating accounts to attract children toward accepting their friend requests and using images like nuggets or ice cream. The people behind the accounts are collecting selfies and sleepover photos from children. This means that parents should be aware of their children's online habits.

A 17-year-old male who sent a picture of his own crotch to a 22-year-old...and now the teen is classified as a child pornographer. While he's not actually producing the pornography, he did distribute a photo of a child's private parts, even though they are his own. The Washington Supreme Court upheld the conviction, meaning child porn laws apply even when the perpetrator is also the victim.

Is a woman filing a lawsuit against a craft paint company after dyeing her face bright pink? Maybe. The woman took the paint, often used for cheer signs and homemade school posters, and applied it to her face. She believed it would wash off because the bottle instructions say, "washes easily off skin." Instead, her face is the shade of Pepto Bismol. She posted on Twitter, "See you in court," but we don't know if she's actually suing or if this is a big joke.

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