Was That Fake? - escape into escape room

A tweet from a CNN executive producer with a picture of a busted iPhone with the following caption:

Incredible! Gunman's bullet hit a woman's iPhone in hand fleeing the firing. Just inches away from her body.

The story has been shared over and over by plenty of credible sources, but none say specifically from where the producer obtained the photo. We do not know if it was directly from the woman, because the only other thing being said is that the woman, who's not identified, told her cab driver, also unidentified, on her way home. Is this story fake? We have no names and cannot find a source. We're not sure about this one.

Did two Canadian inmates escape prison only to be caught in an escape room? The room where people pay to solve puzzles to unlock doors in mock dungeons. Police in Edmonton, Alberta released their booking photos. Police say Kelsie Mast and Samantha Toope busted out of real prison by jumping a fence and made their way downtown where they ducked into an escape room and even fooled the co-owner for a bit. But their escapee skills failed them this time as officers arrived and brought them back to prison. Perhaps it was ironic, but it really happened.

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