Was That Fake? - disruptive fish orgies

Was That Fake? 

Are scientists concerned that loud fish orgies could cause deafness in dolphins? This one is true. A Mexican species of the animal makes such a ruckus when they are enjoying the pleasures of the fish flesh that nearby marine mammals are in danger of temporary or even permanent hearing loss. Apparently, it sounds like machine gun fire. That is quite the audible orgy!

Was That Fake?

Did the air at a fraternity party test positive on a Breathalyzer? That must be fake, right? No, this one is true! The students advertised the party as Tequila Tuesday. After neighbors complained, police raided the house and found the floor sticky with alcohol. The air registered a 0.01 on the Breathalyzer. Officers said eight partygoers locked themselves in a bathroom. One jumped out of a second story window. Most of the around 70 partygoers were younger than the legal drinking age.

Was That Fake?

Did a man in New York City make a million dollars selling Chuck E. Cheese tokens as Bitcoins? The website Huzlers claimed that fraud victims called police after a guy sold them fake Bitcoins. The article claims officers found a million dollars in cash in the guy’s home and Chuck E. Cheese tokens with a "B" written on them in permanent marker. Huzlers describes itself as satire entertainment. Also, Chuck E. Cheese stopped making coins in 2016, so this guy would have needed to sit on an old school stack of them. But the hype over Bitcoin did have people laughing at the prospect. If you encounter that story, just remember the source.

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