Was That Fake? - cows on cars

Was That Fake? 

Is it true that the zombie nativity scene guy is calling it quits? It was super popular four years ago when he first put it up. This one is true. This is the last Christmas that the man is putting up his ghoulish nativity display in Cincinnati, Ohio. The township is no longer fighting him on it, but even so, he’s not going to put it up anymore, despite his now cult following.

Was That Fake? 

Are farm animals camping out on top of luxury vehicles? You may have seen a photo making the rounds that warns you to watch out as animals are attracted to the warmth from your car during the winter. The premise is true but the photo is fake. The altered image started getting circulated back in 2013, but tends to emerge every time the weather gets colder. Keep in mind that the photo is cute, but not real.

Was That Fake?

Is a cat named Dog the star of a K-9 training facility in St. Louis? This is indeed true. The black and white cat named Dog was adopted by the shelter over the summer. Veterinarians now say he plays a key role in training the dogs. They call Dog fearless and say he eats and drinks out of the other pups’ bowls instead of his own. He even takes naps with the dogs -- a new kind of man’s best friend.

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