Was That Fake? - Botox for camels featured in pageant

Was That Fake?

Were camels disqualified from a beauty pageant for using Botox? Did the contest offer more than $50 million in prize money? It’s true! The camels were competing in a beauty contest, because yeah, why not? The animals are judged on the size of their lips, cheeks, heads and knees. Judges learned some of them had been given Botox to plump up their lips, nose and jaw. Rules dictate the camels have to be all natural. The things people to do win a few million.

Was That Fake?

In a popular post online, is an advertisement against pit bull dogs going to air during the Super Bowl? Dog lovers are furious. The video being shared slams the pit bull breed and says the dogs killed the most children and family members in 2017. But is it going to air at the Super Bowl? No, it’s not. Researchers at Snopes say a lawyer who specializes in representing dog bite victims created the video for his website DogBiteLaw.com. He never said it would air during the big game.

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