Was That Fake? - 'Mona Lisa' smile?

Have we just discovered a never-before seen full-body shot of the model in the famous 'Mona Lisa' portrait? The nude portrait is said to be the smirking lady herself. If you view the shoulder angle, the hands are folded. It's almost the same position. Anchor Kaitlin Monte asks, "Was That Fake?" No, it's definitely a real work of visual art. but is it the same subject as in 'Mona Lisa?' Experts are not certain yet. They have been studying it for months and think maybe it was painted by Leonard Da Vinci. They believe at least that it was done at around the same time. It is almost the same size and has some holes, so there's a chance that Da Vinci used it to trace what eventually became the 'Mona Lisa,' but there are signs it was done by someone right-handed. Da Vinci was left-handed.

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