Was That Fake? - blocking Nazis on Twitter

Was That Fake?

Were 50 bodies discovered on a beach in Cancun? This article is making the rounds. The translation reading, “the beautiful coast of Cancun becomes terrified.” This is so fake! Come on, dozens of bodies wash up on a beach. That would have been big news! So if you see this, don’t share it.

Was That Fake?

We all remember the touching video of a man risking his life to save a rabbit from the California wildfires. Well after the video went viral, a meme started making the rounds. Telling people hwo to help wildlife escaping the flames. It claims the forestry department is urging folks to put out buckets of water for wildlife trying to escape the fires. Of course we want to help animals, so people are sharing it. But, this is fake. The U.S. Forestry Service did not ask people to do this and actually said it’s best not to intervene when it comes to wild animals. Officials said animals are extremely resilient and are aware of food and water sources. So, it’s best to leave them alone. That is, of course, unless they are injured and need help.

Was That Fake?

Does setting your Twitter location to Germany block all Nazi content? This one is true. A podcaster and journalist shared with her followers on Twitter that she changed her Twitter address to Germany. As a result, white supremacist and Neo Nazi tweets and accounts vanished from her feed. A lot of folks followed her lead. Germany doesn’t have our First Amendment and the government there can censor speech. Germany has strict laws banning Nazi symbols and hate speech. The government there can force social media to censor posts and block certain accounts.

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