Was That Fake? - 'BFF' Facebook account meme

Was That Fake?

With all the Facebook privacy fears, people are eager to keep their accounts secure. An image being shared claims that if you type the letters "BFF" and they turn green, your account is secure. "BFF" of course is an acronym for "best friends forever." While it is true that Facebook is adding little animations that change colors for phrases like "BFF" and "XOXO," these features have nothing to do with security or privacy or anything related to your Facebook profile page settings. 

Was That Fake?

Headlines claim zombie raccoons are terrifying residents in northeast Ohio, but are they real? Police say yes as officers have responded to more than a dozen phone calls about raccoons approaching people and acting strangely. Almost 20 of them have been captured and euthanized so far. Are they rabid? Officers say the animals are likely suffering from distemper, a viral disease that causes them to have seizures and leads raccoons to lose their fear of humans. 

Was That Fake?

Did President Donald Trump really cause a bunch of children to cry, simply by walking into their classroom? The original footage shows the President interacting with a first grade class in Nevada with no screaming or crying. 

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