Was That Fake? - Barney the purple dinosaur sex business

Was That Fake? 

There are headlines circulating that say the guy who used to portray Barney the happy purple dinosaur in "Barney & Friends" now operates a tantric sex business. A three-hour massage with him costs $350 which includes a bath, chakra balancing and orgasm-inducing massage. This one is apparently true. David Joyner, who is now in his 50s, was interviewed by Vice about the matter. He said he has thirty clients that he refers to as “goddesses.” Apparently, he only accepts women. He said the energy he used while in costume as Barney was based on tantra, which he said is all about love. This development gives a new appreciation for that final song that Barney would sing every episode.

Was That Fake?

Did First Lady Melania Trump ban flu vaccine shots at The White House? An article claims she told staff members no after learning the shot had adverse effects. The story was on the website YourNewsWire.com and even quotes the First Lady as saying, “I will not allow incubators of dangerous viruses to come anywhere near my son.” The article says the news is “according to a report.” However, FOX 26 News found no further reports backing the claim. The lack of sources, combined with this website’s history, means this story should filed as “unproven.”

Was That Fake?

Trumpy Bear is real. You may have seen it on TV or on YouTube. It’s not a joke. This “fearless super plush American grizzly” is available for purchase online.

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