Was That Fake? - 'All Holidays Matter' sign

Was That Fake?

Related to the "War on Christmas" topic, a photo that has been distributed shows one man holding a sign that says, "We must stop the war on Christmas" alongside another man holding a sign that says, "All Holidays Matter." That photo was edited from one taken in 2014 where both men were protesting the death of Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old black man killed by Los Angeles Police Department officers. The one with the holiday messages is fake and should not be shared.

Was That Fake?

Did a man find himself in his fiancee's childhood beach photo? This heartwarming story is true. Shortly after the couple was engaged, they were looking at a photo of the woman and her cousins at a beach from years ago. She was showing her fiance her tomboy look from her younger days when he recognized the child in the background on a yellow floatie that looked a lot like his old one. It was him! After this huge coincidence, it appears these two were meant to be together.

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